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Fair Trade

Eternal Spring Organics is a Toronto based dessert and food caterer specializing in delicious hand baked organic desserts made with organic, locally sourced* and fair trade ingredients. All of our products contain no preservatives, stabilizers or artificial ingredients of any kind and use only the finest organic ingredients available. ES Organics menu has a wide variety of desserts and food items made with organic and locally sourced* ingredients including pies, tarts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, sorbet, breads and specialty loaves. Click here to order desserts and baked goods from our downloadable menu.

The Eternal Spring Organics menu rates the organic and locally sourced* content of each product separately to help you make clear choices that reflect your values and commitment to the environment. The ES Organics menu shows you exactly how much locally sourced* and organic content is present in each item that we sell.

Eternal Spring Organics has a zero waste policy which means we use only reusable containers to transport our food and store our ingredients. All our products and ingredients are stored in glass containers not plastic. ES Organics encourages our retail customers to use our reusable glass containers when picking up desserts and charges a deposit which is then refunded when the containers are returned.

By choosing desserts that contain a higher organic, locally sourced* and fair trade content you make a positive impact in your community and the world, rewarding farmers who practice sustainable farming methods by giving them a fair price for the food they produce. Locally sourced* and organic food is better for the environment and also healthier for you to eat. At Eternal Spring Organics you can really taste the difference because we only use the highest quality locally sourced* and organic ingredients available. Enjoy our desserts knowing that you are supporting a more vibrant, sustainable food network today and into the future!

* Locally sourced is defined as food grown, refined and manufactured within a 100 mile radius.

Organic desserts in Toronto - fair trade and locally sourced ingredients. Hand baked goods available in Toronto. Order dessert items from our downloadable menu. Food catering option.

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